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Monday, January 18, 2021

Five Frames, Mobile Photography, Celebrating Dawn

Mobile Photography, Celebrating Dawn 01
Mobile Photography, Celebrating Dawn 02
Mobile Photography, Celebrating Dawn 03
Mobile Photography, Celebrating Dawn 04
Mobile Photography, Celebrating Dawn 05
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Nokia Asha 300

#MobilePhotography - Five frames with a vintage candy-bar Nokia Asha 300, on celebrating dawn with a camera that came back to life.

Wow, what a relief. For no apparent reason, aside from the fact that I plugged the charger incorrectly on a few previous occasions, my favorite candy-bar Nokia Asha 300 decide to come back to life. That was a joyous moment indeed, and as soon as the camera's battery was fully charged, took it out to the porch for these celebration shots.

The 2011 vintage candy bar, which came with only a 5mmp rear camera, has been one of my favorites for quite a while now. It has always been my constant companion any time I was outdoors since I dug it out of storage almost a couple of years back. The camera served me well, a constant with sharp and beautifully rendered images, never has it failed to deliver.

Nokia Asha 300

Am really looking forward now, here's hoping that the camera will give me a few more great shots, even only for a while before age takes its final toll again.

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