Monday, July 16, 2018

Mobile Photography: Square Sights

Mobile Photography: Square Sights 01
Mobile Photography: Square Sights 02
Mobile Photography: Square Sights 03
Mobile Photography: Square Sights 04
Mobile Photography: Square Sights 05

Square Sights

'Mobile photography, a look at square format photographs cropped from mobile photography images'

You might have noticed that the square (1:1 aspect ratio) is the format I used more often than others in my postings. This is another one of those. The originals of these images, however, were taken with the smartphone, in 16:9 format. The truth is that the square can be used to crop the image to give more emphasis to the subject, to encompass negative space, to lay out a composition, to catch lines, and all.

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Square Format Photography

The popularity of apps like Instagram and a newfound interest in old medium-format cameras, such as those made by Hasselblad and Rolleiflex, has brought square format photography to the masses. However, the standbys of rectangular compositions don't always apply to the 1:1 aspect ratio.

10 Composition Tips for Amazing Instagram Square Photos

Thanks to the enormous popularity of Instagram, square photos have become the standard of mobile photography, forcing mobile photographers to adapt to this unusual photography format. In this article you'll discover the best composition techniques for taking amazing square iPhone photos that will get your images noticed on Instagram.

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