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Antara Dua Media - Fotografi di Persilangan Media Analog dan Digital

#NotesonPhotography - A quick look at features and notes on digital, film, and mobile photography

5 Film Cameras To Get Started With

'Five film cameras to get started with - from a simple point-and-shoot, a 35mm SLR, to a panoramic plastic' For those who are thinking about going into film photography, being curious about it, or if you are just starting out shooting film, here's my take on 5 cameras that will prove a real challenge to you.

A Look At 3:1 Crop-Frame Panorama

'Image Development - An interesting and fun look at the 3:1 image aspect ratio for crop-frame panoramic images' Finding that the standard 3:2 or 4:3 aspect ratio in most digital cameras is often limiting, I went on a spree trying out various aspect ratio formats while looking for that 'perfect' crop-frame panorama for me to post a selection of my web images with.

A Picture Book Project on Google Photos

'A fun project to get your creative juice flowing when things are looking down and out' Instead of fretting away the time and resources available during these trying times of the COVID-19 stay-at-home pandemic confinement, it is time for photographers like you and me to get our creative juice going.

A Retro-Guide on Film Cameras

'The history of the camera, as we know it, starts with the camera obscura ...' There is a lot of recent hype, which I am beginning to believe in, that film photography is coming back.

Advantages of Shooting in RAW

'Understanding RAW, a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo' On the digital photography front, RAW is the file format that is recommended the most for saving your image data. RAW is a file format that captures all image data recorded by the sensor when you take a photo.

Bokeh, the Quality of Blur

'Bokeh, a characteristic of a photograph, is affected by the shape of the diaphragm blades (the aperture) of the lens ...' Bokeh, a very popular topic discussed by photo enthusiasts either openly or in a closed discussion, is one of the elements that makes photographs visually appealing.

Getting Started With Street Photography

'Photography, what are your thoughts about street photography, the side of life that is about documenting everyday life and society?' What are your thoughts about street photography, the side of life that is about documenting everyday life and society? It is generally done candid, not necessarily only in the street, but done anywhere there is people and activity.

Mobile Photography, A Newfound Favorite

'A quick look at my favorite vintage mobile camera, the Nokia Asha 300, a circa 2011 candy-bar feature phone' My favorite camera phone since the last quarter of 2018, and probably right through 2019, or until the phone dies of old age, is the vintage circa 2011 candy-bar feature phone, the Nokia Asha 300.

Simplicity of the Square Format

'Photography, the square format is a simple an interesting image aspect ratio worth exploring' Square format photography, or capturing images in a 1:1 format, has been with us since the days of the Rolleiflex, a medium format twin lens reflex (TLR) cameras in 1929.

The Case for Cropping Images

'Why crop an image? Photographic images are often cropped to improve or to re-orientate the composition, or to bring focus to the main subject ...' Do you crop your images? Yes, I do. First and foremost, when I am stuck with only a body, an un-idle prime, and a vantage point that is not at the best to my discretion.

Image Aspect Ratio in Photography

'Understanding image aspect ratio in photography and how it affects the orientation and framing of your images' The image aspect ratio in photography is the proportional relationship between the width (x) and the height (y) of an image. This value is commonly expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (x:y), as in 3:2, 4:5, or 16:9.

Fotografi, Bermula Sekadar Mampu

Jangan terkejut. Senyum boleh. Ketawa lagi riang. Karya seni fotografi banyak bergantung kepada daya kreatif individu, tidak semestinya kepada kecanggihan peralatan. Kegairahan mendapatkan hasil kerja yang baik tidak juga perlu dibiayai dengan kos diluar kemampuan keewangan. Mungkin peralatan fotografi ala kadar sahaja sudah cukup untuk medapatkan hasil gambar yang tepat, padat, dan dapat dibanggakan.

Fotografi, Pilihan Kamera 35mm Pemula

'Blog Fotografi Malaysia - Pilihan jenis kamera filem mudah pakai untuk pemula' Minat kepada fotografi filem, setelah beberapa lama tanpa perhatian, kini nampaknya mekar kembali dengan pengenalan semula filem kegunaan kamera yang dahulu diberhentikan pengeluarannya, usaha ke arah rekabentuk kamera filem alaf baru, sokongan berterusan jurufoto 'era lama', juga dengan minat pengguna baru yang kian bertambah.

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