Monday, December 10, 2018

Mobile Photography, Evening Groove

Mobile Photography, Evening Groove 01
Mobile Photography, Evening Groove 02
Mobile Photography, Evening Groove 03
Mobile Photography, Evening Groove 04
Nokia Asha 300

Mobile Photography, Evening Groove

'Going vintage with the Nokia Asha 300 (2011), how do its images measure up against the current crop of high-tech mobiles'

Continuing where I left off with the On A Bright Sunny Day post, which was with images recorded way back with the Nokia Asha 300. The phone, out of the storage bin, powers up nice and steady with its camera working just as fine.

Nokia Asha 300
Using the camera on the phone is a delight, straight and simple. Being a pure point-and-shoot, all you have to do is to frame the image and press the shutter, there was nothing to set or adjust.

And for the acid test, it was just out on the front porch, on a most beautiful and lovely evening.

While the sun was already down, the ambiance of its red golden glow still lights up the sky, and coupled with the effect of domestic lighting and the street lights which was already turned on, the moments were truly a photographers delight.

The images, sharp and clear and with the cool contrast rendering, were quite beyond the expectation, and I was not disappointed.

Basic post-processing was done on Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3) with non-destructive cursory edits in Auto Tone Correction, Tone Curve, Brightness & Contrast edit, and Unsharp Mask. Final print sharpening was on Google NIK Sharpener Pro 3.

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Monday, December 3, 2018

Analog Diary, Sea of Yellow and Red

Analog Diary, Sea of Yellow and Red 01
Analog Diary, Sea of Yellow and Red 002
Analog Diary, Sea of Yellow and Red 03
Analog Diary, Sea of Yellow and Red 04
Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20

Analog Diary, Sea of Yellow and Red

'At the Devali (Deepavali) Street Bazaar with the Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20 and  a roll of expired Kodakcolor 200 film'

I came across a roll of expired Kodakcolor 200 negative film in one of my camera shipment recently and wondered how the images will look like once the film has been exposed and developed. Just as well, I also have a Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20, a fully automatic AF film camera, in my collection, and decided to match the two for a street walk.

Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20
The Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20 is one of the models of the Konica Big Mini series, an iconic low-priced series of point-and-shoot fully automatic autofocus (AF) 35mm film cameras produced by Konica in the early 1990s.

The Big Mini models set itself apart from other makes of the same genre with a fantastic range of F3.5 Konica lenses that is renowned to be very sharp with excellent contrast rendering. The BM-20 has a 34mm F3.5 lens.

A 34mm lens (almost the 35mm that many street photographers talk about) is also the focal length for street photography. It is a nice compromise between a nifty-fifty which street photographers may find a bit tight, and the wideness of the 28mm which sometimes calls for a fair amount of cropping. Just as well, the lens is just about perfect for both a cramped narrow street shot or the landscaped vista.

Going by specs I found for other models, the BM-20 may include an automatic shutter speed range of 1/80 to 1/250 second, and lens aperture opening of F3.5 to F16 (not verified). My unit, however, came with a dead LCD panel which was located on the left of the top plate. I can only assume that the panel is for the film counter and whatever else it is supposed to have.

Konica Big Mini Jr. BM-20

The location of the shoot, as I mentioned in the sub-head, is the Divali (Deepavali) Street Bazaar down in Little India, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur. It was early in the day when I was there, most of the stalls were just starting to operate and shoppers are still far and few in between, except for this flowers and carnation alley, which was already decked with seas of yellow and red garlands, and a string of shoppers crowding through.

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