Monday, January 11, 2021

Digital Moments, Jupiter-8 50mm F2

Digital Moments, Jupiter 8 50mm F2 01
Digital Moments, Jupiter 8 50mm F2 02
Digital Moments, Jupiter 8 50mm F2 03
Digital Moments, Jupiter 8 50mm F2 04
Digital Moments, Jupiter 8 50mm F2 05
Olympus Pen E-P5, Jupiter 8 50mm F2 0


Jupiter 8 50mm F2

'Five frames with the Jupiter-8 50mm F2, an outstanding M39 Leica thread mount lens from the 1950's'

The year 2021 may see me in a new light, propelled by a burst of fresh energy and newfound enthusiasm, first by getting out of the doldrum of the Covid 19 confinement which has affected almost the entire population of the world, secondly by expanding my interest into another genre of photography (as seen in my previous post), and finally, as you can see from this post, a new presentation format with images embedded in a wide plain frame, similar in presentation to the 'Photo of the Day' series which I am also doing on this blog.

Not the least, though, are these five frames with the 50mm M39 Leica thread mount Jupiter-8 50mm F2, a circa 1950s vintage lens produced by various manufacturers in the former Soviet Union. Derived from the Zeiss Sonnar design, the lens is a 5-elements in 3-groups construction with a maximum aperture of f/2.0 and a minimum focusing distance of 1.0 meters. The lens is also available with a Contax mount.

Olympus Pen E-P5, Jupiter 8 50mm F2 0

One advantage I have with these L39/M39 rangefinder lenses (including the Jupiter-8) is the ability to get infinity focus when used on mirrorless cameras, a feature not possible on DSLRs due to the difference in flange distance design. That's my take on a great cost-saving opportunity for mirrorless camera users as these lenses are still very low priced, easily available, with a few coming across with well-established performances.

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