Monday, January 4, 2021

Rolling Skies, First Edit

Rolling Skies, First Edit 01
Rolling Skies, First Edit 02
Rolling Skies, First Edit 03

Nokia 3.1

Mobile Photography:

Rolling Skies, First Edit

'My very first try at time-lapse photography edit'

Did my very first 10-second time-lapse video of the dawn a few days prior to the new year and posted that video earlier as my welcoming gesture for 2021. Subsequent to that, I was on the ready for the next few mornings but dawn did not turn out as expected.

I did, however, manage to capture a 30-second lapse on one of those days and an edit session to concatenate the two videos together with a fast fade worked out to be a pleasant surprise. For a completely fresh novice like me, the edit sessions were like a shot in the arm and a boost of fresh adrenalin (rather than a vaccine for Covid 19), and might as well ended as one of the resolves for 2021.

And as you have noticed, the video still has no soundtrack support, the channel that I hope to get on with soon enough.

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