Monday, January 25, 2021

Seagull-610 50mm F1.8

Digital Moments, Seagull-610 50mm F1.8 01
Digital Moments, Seagull-610 50mm F1.8 02
Digital Moments, Seagull-610 50mm F1.8 03
Digital Moments, Seagull-610 50mm F1.8 04
Digital Moments, Seagull-610 50mm F1.8 05
Olympus E-P5, Seagull-610 50mm F1.9


Seagull-610 50mm F1.8

'An early morning session, five frames with the MD-mount Seagull-610 50mm F1.8 manual focus prime'

My first thought was that this could be an interesting find, the lens caught my attention as I was browsing the big bay for other odds and ends to feed my interest in vintage and pre-digital manual focus prime lenses to add to my small selection of vintage lens preview and try a few shots with. The lens, it seems, is a very close cousin of the Rokkor MD 50mm F1.7, and it may even be a copy of it.

The lens itself, on arrival, was rather a disappointment. The all-plastic helicoid gear is all but stuck with gunk and turning it by force snaps and broke the focus ring trim. The focusing ring, now held together with a rubber band, gets to smoothen out after a few twists and turn but one end of the focus decides to stay stiff and very bothersome to focus with.

Olympus E-P5, Seagull-610 50mm F1.9

The mount to my adapter front was also a bit fiddly and I ended up moving the camera back and forth instead for subjects that were close to the shortest focusing end. Shot wide open, images are surprisingly soft and pleasant, with good bokeh, but falls rather short of being par excellence. These are about the best shots after the early morning session. Looks like that the lens may go into storage or be put up for sale sooner than I thought.

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