Monday, November 28, 2016

Digital Moments, OV3 Art Filter Effects

OV3 Art Filter Effect - Pop Art
Pop Art art filter super-saturates colors, creating brighter, more vivid photographs
OV3 Art Filter Effect - Pin Hole
Pin Hole art filter darkens the outer edges of a photograph, akin to the images you would capture using a pin-hole camera
OV3 Art Filter Effect - Grainy Film
Grainy Film art filter produces a gritty black-and-white film quality images
OV3 Art Filter Effect - Cross Process
Cross Process art filter changes the color and contrast of subjects as done in the film world where color slides are processed using color negative chemicals or in reverse
OV3 Art Filter Effect - Gentle Sepia
Olympus Pen E-P5, Olympus M.60mm f/2.8 Macro


OV3 Art Filter Effects

'Using Art Filter effects on RAW image development of Olympus *.ORF files in Olympus Viewer 3'

OV3 Art Filter Effects
*.orf RAW File as uploaded
What are Art Filters? Art Filters are pre-formatted edits that you can use to help enhance your images to a higher creative level, giving your image the professional edge that you may have set your aspirations to, and a product that is more easily related to and identifiable with a specific photo-finishing genre.

Many current digital camera models carry this functionality, with those from different manufacturers categorizing the product under different monikers.

OV3 Art Filter Effect - Dramatic Tone
Dramatic Tone art filter simulates the look of High Dynamic Range (HDR) digital photography.

For the Olympus E-camera system, Art Filters are available both as an in-camera setting and as a RAW Development tool on the accompanying image editing software, Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3). This tool works only on *.orf RAW files.

OV3 Art Filter Effect - Key Line
Key Line art filter  enhances the edge lines of the image to make it look more like an illustration

While I have yet to use the Art Filter as an in-camera option, I have always opted for the Art Filter effect during the post-processing of the image. Images are only curated with the Art Filter effect if it helps to bring them out of their off-grid condition. These are the Art Filter choices I normally experiment with on OV3.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Mobile Photography, Keeping Company

Keeping Company 01
Keeping Company 02
Keeping Company 03
Keeping Company 04
Keeping Company 05
Nokia Lumia 720


Keeping Company

'Five frames with the Nokia Lumia 720, on commuting at dawn or dusk, with long-term and overnight stays'

Keeping Company, Nokia Lumia 720
Map of the Southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia
I did a lot of commuting as part of my job spec a couple of years ago. I was stationed in Johor Bharu for six months, which was after a previous stint of six months at another location which is also out of the city.

While it was only a daily drive to and from my home to work for the previous stint, Johor Bahru is too far out for daily drives, which means that weekdays stay in a hotel or other provided accommodation, and a weekly drive routine back for the weekends.

Traveling distance is slightly over 300 kilometers and the drive took me approximately three and a half hours on average from one point to the other. The option of taking a flight will cost me as much time and I will end up not having my own mode of transport.

Driving south means an early morning on Mondays, together with the rising sun, which I will be facing for the major part of the drive, and south on Friday is the opposite in the evenings.

Keeping me accompanied was the old trusted mobile, and these images for the memory.

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