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Monday, December 2, 2019

Five Frames With A Smena 35, On Black-and-White Conversion I

Smena 35, On Black-and-White Conversion I 01
Smena 35, On Black-and-White Conversion I 02
Smena 35, On Black-and-White Conversion I 03
Smena 35, On Black-and-White Conversion I 04
Smena 35, On Black-and-White Conversion I 05
Analog Diary - Film photography favorites with a LOMO Smena 35 with images converted to black-and-white, Part I.
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T took these images with the LOMO Smena 35 on a roll of expired Kodak ColorPlus 200, had the images scanned post-processed initially on the defunct Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3), and did the print conversion and enhancement on Microsoft Photos.

LOMO Smena 35
LOMO Smena 35

For those who are familiar with the all-plastic LOMO Smena 35, the Triplet T-43 40mm F4, as we know it, is quite a highly regarded '3 lens anastigmat' built-in coated glass kit lens fitted to the Smena series cameras. The same lens built is seen on Smena models 6, 7, 8, 8лю, Smena-Rapid, Smena-SL, Smena-Simvol, Smena-19, Smena E, Smena 20, and Smena 35. These cameras were first manufactured first by GOMZ in 1953, and later by MMZ and LOMO.

As for the post-editing bit itself, working on Microsoft Photos was not a well-traveled workflow for me, and this was actually the first time I am using the apps for the conversion. The ease of use, however, and the resulting images which are easily manipulated for Light, Color, and Clarity, and Vinegtte for a bit of peripheral darkening have it all going for me.

Microsoft Photos Edit & Create interface

Accessing the Widows Photos Edit & Create interface is equally easy, which is brought up with a double-click on any image located within a folder, and choosing Edit from the Create & Edit drop-down menu. Edit & Create options available are Crop & Rotate, Filter, and Lighting Adjustments. All options are very intuitive and easy to use.

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