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Analog Diary, Konica C35 EF I

Konica C35 EF I 01
Konica C35 EF I 02
Konica C35 EF I 03
Konica C35 EF I 04
Konica C35 EF I 05
Konica C35 EF


Konica C35 EF I

'Five frames with the Konica C35 EF, sights and scenes (Part I) on a walkabout in the city'

One of my favorite film cameras, to date, is the small and compact Konica C35 Automatic, a true rangefinder and a favorite with a tack sharp four-element Hexanon 38mm F2.8 lens. The camera was part of a four-camera series by Konica which includes the original C35, C35 V (C35 E&L), C35 Automatic (C35 Flashmatic), and Auto S3 (C35FD).

Konica C35 EF

The follow-up series, which started with the Konica C35 EF, nicknamed 'Pikkari' in Japan, introduced in 1975 was the first 35mm compact camera with a built-in flash. Over the original series, the C35 EF was an all-black plastic body and much like the earlier C35 V comes with only a zone focusing feature.

Konica C35 EF

The camera itself is slightly bigger and wider than the original C35, and as I can see from the ads listed on auction sites, it will be a hard sell if you find one that is fully functional. Mine had a non-working flash. You still need a battery to run its AE electronics. I had a 1.5 volts SR44 installed, which should work just as well. At a pinch, you may want to set the film ISO speed to a lower setting to cater to the difference.

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