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Sights and Scenes, Konica C35 EF

Sights and Scenes, Konica C35 EF 01
Sights and Scenes, Konica C35 EF 02
Sights and Scenes, Konica C35 EF 03
Sights and Scenes, Konica C35 EF 04
Sights and Scenes, Konica C35 EF 05
Konica C35 EF

Analog Diary:

Sights and Scenes, Konica C35 EF

'Five frames with the Konica C35 EF, sights and scenes on a short walk along the link-way'

I will have to admit that, even though it came with a broken flash, the Konica C35 EF is still an outstanding camera to own and use. It has the same five-element Hexanon 38mm F2.8 lens as found on other C35 models, acknowledged as being very sharp and capable of capturing sharp and high contrast images.

Konica C35 EF

The camera is slightly bigger and wider than the original C35, comes in an all-black plastic built, and as I can see from the ads listed on auction sites, it will be a hard sell if you find one that is fully functional. You still need a battery to run its AE electronics. I had a 1.5 volts SR44 installed, which should work just as well. At a pinch, you may want to set the film ISO speed to a lower setting to cater for the difference.

The C35 EF earned the nickname 'Pikkari' when it was introduced in 1975, the reason being that it was the first 35mm compact camera that came with a built-in flash. Name wise, the C stands for 'compact', the 35 for 35mm film, and EF for 'electronic flash'. Focusing is enabled by selecting preset distances on the rotating lens barrel, using the zone focus method.

Konica C35 EF

These sights of the surrounding and the city beyond, and scenes along the walkway between two commercial developments. Images, as seen, are comparable to those taken with the Konica C35 Automatic. This tends to support the idea that a good working copy of the C35 EF is worth a keep.

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