Monday, December 16, 2019

Mobile Photography, Scenes At The Stop I

Scenes At The Stop I 01
Scenes At The Stop I 02
Scenes At The Stop I 03
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Scenes At The Stop I 05
Nokia Asha 300


Scenes At The Stop I

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, out in the suburbs, the quiet start and end to my photo walk sessions'

Two stops actually, the first one is where I normally start from, the second is where I normally return to. I do this often enough if my photo walk session is planned for the city or other interconnected locations accessible by the LRT links.

Nokia Asha 300

The first is about 15 minutes walk from my place, which I do when the feeder bus service is delayed or when I missed its schedule. The return stop is further up the line, where the feeder bus service starts, making it a very convenient waiting point for the return leg of the outing.

What is interesting about stops that are away in the suburb is that they are normally very quiet and seem almost lifeless once the morning rush is over or during the weekends. A good start to have the world unto yourself, with no-frill images captures with the Nokia Asha 300, cropped.

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