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A Walkabout with the Fuji K-28

A Walkabout with the Fuji K-28 01
A Walkabout with the Fuji K-288 02
A Walkabout with the Fuji K-28 03
A Walkabout with the Fuji K-28 04
A Walkabout with the Fuji K-28 05
Fuji K-28


A Walkabout with the Fuji K-28

'Film photography favorites, five frames with the Fuji K-28, a camera marketed for the construction industry'

The Fuji K-28, a waterproof and dust/dirtproof viewfinder 35mm film camera, designed and marketed for the construction industry, may actually be just the right candidate even for the streets aside from it being a constant companion on your off-road adventures.

Fuji K-28

The Fuji K-28 is a manual camera though, not autofocus like the Konica Genba Kantoku, or Fuji Work Record OP, and comes with a plain viewfinder, manual film advance, zone focusing, built-in electronic flash, and the icing on the cake, a sealed Fujinon 28mm F3.9 lens.

The lens is 5 elements in 5 groups construction, with a minimum focus of 75cm to infinity, The automatic exposure system recognizes film sensitivities from ASA 100 to 400 ASA, and image capture is aperture controlled as the camera runs only on a single shutter speed of 1/100 second and a pair of AA batteries to operate the shutter and power the flash.

Fuji K-28

The film back is also opened with a press to release button and film loading is the standard sprocket fit. With its purpose-built design, the Fuji K-28 might not be as compact as you want it to be. Its fair size may need to occupy a section of its own when carried in a backpack or camera bag.

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