Monday, April 8, 2019

Mobile Photography, A Cinematic Sunday

A Cinematic Sunday 01
A Cinematic Sunday 02
A Cinematic Sunday 03
A Cinematic Sunday 04
A Cinematic Sunday 05
A Cinematic Sunday 06
A Cinematic Sunday 07
A Cinematic Sunday 08
A Cinematic Sunday 09
A Cinematic Sunday 10
Nokia Asha 300


A Cinematic Sunday

'A day out with the vintage Nokia Asha 300, with images cropped to the cinematic image aspect ratio'

No, I am not into movie-making here, just the fun of having a few images cropped to the 2.4:1 cinematic image aspect ratio and a visual storyboard of a Sunday outing with the Nokia Asha 300, the camera phone I have been regularly using for the past few months.

The 2.4:1 cinematic image aspect ratio or anamorphic format is a cinematography technique that shoots a widescreen picture on standard 35 mm film or other visual recording media with a non-widescreen native aspect ratio.

When projected, the 'distorted' images are again stretched an anamorphic projection lens to recreate the original aspect ratio on the viewing screen.

While we do have mobile devices that are starting to use the 21:9 format, these images are not. They were shot on the Nokia Asha 300 at its native 4:3 image aspect ratio, post-processed, and cropped to the 2.4:1 image aspect on Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3). Final print sharpening was done on Google NIK Sharpener Pro3.

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