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Monday, April 29, 2019

Mobile Photography, Two Crops

Mobile Photography, Two Crops 01
Mobile Photography, Two Crops 02
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Nokia Asha 300

#MobilePhotography - A pair of cropped images with a Nokia Asha 300, a vintage candy-bar feature phone manufactured in 2011.

I am having a lot of fun totting the zero-cost candy bar-sized feature phone around, which I had picked out of storage a while back. Found it to be working good, and I have been using it since. The camera is a pure point-and-shoot affair, nothing more than that, but with images from the fixed focus lens that are sharp and clear and do not need much to be done n post-processing. Have fun!

Images on the go, Nokia Asha 300

A pair of cropped images here, the top image is cropped to a 16:9 image aspect ratio, and the second is cropped to a 1:3 image aspect ratio.

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