Monday, February 11, 2019

Mobile Photography, City Edge Sunrise

Mobile Photography, City Edge Sunrise 01
Mobile Photography, City Edge Sunrise 02
Mobile Photography, City Edge Sunrise 03
Mobile Photography, City Edge Sunrise 04
Mobile Photography, City Edge Sunrise 05
 Nokia Asha 300

Mobile Photography, City Edge Sunrise

'Early in the morning, when the air is quite like a still, and as the sun begins to flow over the city edge, space is all mine'

Following where I left off with A Morning Walk, City Edge Sunrise is just a few steps up the exit path to where the park is located. This is not the normal route I took, but as the quiet morning air and the glorious sunlit morning beckons me to the sights which I would normally shy away from, space is all mine.

Nokia Asha 300
It is all there, the stately stance of the apartment blocks glowing in the morning light, the rumble of a single service transporter on the way to an assignment, the sputter of the exhaust from a lone biker on his way out of the after a fill-up, and the glow of the sun as it floods over the horizon.

Remember it all, take it all in, and capture the images as you see them.

I only had the Nokia Asha 300 in my hands, and the ability to capture these scenes is the delight of the day. Images are sharp and crisp, colors are mid-tone neutral with a slight contrast, with morning color casts which are more bluish than the orange and red of evening colors. Without the aid of white balance adjustments on the camera, the images were glorious just as they are.

There is nothing to fault the camera with really. Learn to live with the idiosyncrasies of a 5MP camera that take ages to save its maximum resolution of 2592x1999 pixels, a 2.4-inch screen which you hardly see in bright outside light, arm forward composition and shooting style, saves up to 112 JPEG images, and you are in for a good and fun time.

On a more serious note, and while things can be done impromptu, photographing sunrises or at sunrise requires a little bit of planning. You might need to wake up earlier than normal, for example, to get to the shoot well before the sun rises. My outing at the park, and subsequently the walk along the city edge, was planned after a couple of days observing that the weather was holding and the mornings were bright and beautiful.

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