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First Take, Canon Autoboy 3

First Take, Canon Autoboy 3 01
First Take, Canon Autoboy 3 02
First Take, Canon Autoboy 3 03
Analog Diary, Canon Autoboy 3 04
First Take, Canon Autoboy 3 05
First Take, Canon Autoboy 33 06
Analog Diary, Canon Autoboy 3 07

First Take, Canon Autoboy 3

'Analog Diary - A trip downtown with the Canon Autoboy 3 (Sure Shot Supreme, Prima Top Shot), an ergonomically designed and fun to use AF compact 35mm film camera'

With it's sculptured shape and well-rounded ergonomic body design, the Canon Autoboy 3 (Sure Shot Supreme, Prima Top Shot), voted the European Camera of the Year 1986, is surely a sight to see and fun to use. The camera is even fitted with a tilting foot on the bottom plate which allows you to place the camera on a flat surface and tilt the camera upward to a maximum of 18 degrees upward.

The camera is an autofocus compact. In use, the Autoboy 3 takes care of focusing and exposure setting without you having to worry about anything, forwards the film frame and rewinds the film back into the canister at the end of the roll automatically.

All you have to do is to press the release button on the side of the lens opening to open the lens blind and powers up the camera, point, and shoot.

Images are fantastic, and what I like most about thm are the mid-tone neutral colors and good color correction. There is also the tinge of pseudo diorama effect with long focus images which have strong lines in the composition.

The Autoboy 3 does have its quirks too, one which I was not able to use was the Flash Off button which has to be pressed simultaneously as you are pressing the shutter release each and every time you want the flash not to fire. The tiny rubber button is recessed into a cutout on the bottom plate of the camera, and pressing it with other than your fingernail may seem futile.

Replacing the C235 Lithium battery pack, which is placed in a chamber with micro-screwed flap cover, located where the finger grip is, could also be a hassle. If you are not confident enough about changing the battery yourself, take the camera with you next time you are out to purchase a new battery and have the shop technician do it for you. As claimed in the instruction manual, the battery pack should last you about 5 years or 50 rolls of 24 exposure film.

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