Monday, January 21, 2019

Mobile Photography, A Morning Walk

Mobile Photography, A Morning Walk 01
Nokia Asha 300

Mobile Photography:

A Morning Walk

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, images from an early morning walk in the park'

A brisk morning walk (in the park) might be just the right tonic to get your body system rejuvenated, gives you the energy for the rest of the day, and helps you to create a positive mindset. Alternatively, a rather leisurely one instead, with a camera in hand, could be a refresher for the creative, a feast for your five senses, and quick decision making moments.

Mobile Photography, A Morning Walk 02

It is the time of day when sunlight begins to flows over the landscape in a way the colors of nature are intensified and where equally spectacular shadows are created. And as us photographers know, this is one of the two periods within a day when the light is most ideal for capturing breathtaking images.

Mobile Photography, A Morning Walk 03

Choosing a vantage point that gives you the best impact when shooting either into the sun and away from it may also give you spectacular results.

Mobile Photography, A Morning Walk 04

In the early morning, when the sun is low on the horizon, the still of the air may affect the stillness of bodies of water as well, the presence of humidity images may disperse the light rays which may leave a slight blue cast on the images, and areas shaded from the sun may be seen as slightly underexposed.

Mobile Photography, A Morning Walk 05

These images here, as you might have guessed, are captured on the 5MP camera on candy-bar Nokia Asha 300 feature phone that I have been using for the past few sessions, and for a few more to come.

Nokia Asha 300

Despite its vintage, sensor size, and the technology it was built with, I have to admit that the camera, with a little bit of help with post-processing, is still up to the mark with the clarity and sharpness of the images captured.

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