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Monday, February 25, 2019

An Outing With The Konica Z-up 28W

An Outing With The Konica Z-up 28W 01
An Outing With The Konica Z-up 28W 02
An Outing With The Konica Z-up 28W 03
An Outing With The Konica Z-up 28W 04
An Outing With The Konica Z-up 28W 05
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Konica Z-up 28W

#AnalogDiary - Film photography favorites, an outing with the Konica Z-up 28W AF Zoom, not a true compact, but easy and fun to use.

The autofocus Konica Z-up 28W is oversized for your pants pocket but will fit in your camera bag. It has a very useful 28-56mm F3.5~6.6 zoom lens which is protected by a built-in UV filter, a very quiet shutter and is one the fastest autofocus that I have used recently.

Konica Z-up 28W

The zoom functions through a push button on the top panel of the camera, one push of the button, and the lens zoom out, and at its end of it, zooms back in. While exposure is automatic, I do not even have an idea of the shutter speed range or what the aperture range of the lens is.

Camera mode selection, for Auto Flash, Flash On, Flash Off, Self-Timer with Flash On, Infinity Focus with Flash Off, and Macro Mode with Flash On is via a Mode selector button, and the setting is displayed on the LCD panel of the shutter release button cluster.

Konica Z-up 28W

A nice feature of the camera is the Snap mode, which sets the camera to a focal length of 28mm a focal distance of 2.75 meters, and film advances to two frames per second. When the Snap mode is coupled with the Self-Timer with Flash On mode, the Z-up 28W will set the shutter off twice, first after a ten-second delay, and the next three seconds later.

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