Monday, January 7, 2019

Digital Moments, Yashica ML 50mm F1.9

Digital Moments, Yashica ML 50mm F1.9 01
Digital Moments, Yashica ML 50mm F1.9 02
Digital Moments, Yashica ML 50mm F1.9 03
Digital Moments, Yashica ML 50mm F1.9 04
Olympus E-P5, Yashica ML 50mm F1.9

Digital Moments, Yashica ML 50mm F1.9

'Image samples with the manual focus Yashica ML 50mm F1.9 legacy lens mounted on the Olympus E-P5'

Last, in the series of test images with Yashica ML lenses that I can safely mount to the el-cheapo lens adapter on the Pen E-P5. The Yashica ML 50mm F1.9, after the ML 28mm F2.8, and ML 35mm F2.8, is another scintillating example of what the Yashica ML series is all about.

But first, the disclaimer. As I am not a technical boffin, my test images are often taken on the spur of the moment, and as in the case of these shots, when the sun was low on the horizon.

It was a very pleasant day, the golden yellow glow of the sunset was beginning to flow over the landscape. Away from the direct rays of the sun, the glow begins to paint the high-rise homes across the road in a slight tint of the sheen, turning the building's sharp architectural features into a creamy color composition of form, shapes, and shadows.

Shooting with a wide open aperture adds to the softness of the focus and the intensity of the colors.

The Yashica ML 50mm F1.9 lens is part of the Yashica ML series, pro-line multicoated lenses developed and produced by Yashica (Kyocera) to bridge the gap between their consumer grade DSB line and the state-of-the-art Zeiss T* lenses built for the Contax/Yashica system.

Generally, the ML series are well known for their sharp images, contrasty colors, beautiful color rendering and given the right aperture opening, swirly bokeh. The 50mm F1.9, individually, is said to be Tak-sharp at F8.

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