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Mobile Photography, Noise, Speed and All

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Nokia Asha 300

Mobile Photography, Noise, Speed and All

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, taking the camera phone for a night shoot, will the images appeal to you?'

My previous post, the Evening Groove, got me excited at the possibility of using the Nokia Asha 300 again as the camera for my Mobile Photography posts. Images from the point-and-shoot 5MP rear-facing camera of the candy-bar feature phone are very much more than what I was getting on my current mobile. A totally unexpected exposure for me, with challenges and opportunities to look forward to.

Nokia Asha 300
The Nokia Asha 300, a 2011 vintage feature phone, comes with a 240x360 pixel 2.4-inch non-adjustable resistive touchscreen, just big enough to be used as a framing screen rather than for viewing composition details.

In bright external lighting condition, images on the screen are all but impossible to see.

Image resolution from the fixed focus F2.4 lens is 2592 x 1944 pixels, the phone has 140MB of internal storage which can store up to a maximum of 112 JPEG images, and the camera does not come with a flash.

Reviews of the phone and camera are, of course, a mixed lot. Most, however, concur that the camera is capable of taking decent pictures in bright daylight but is rather noisy in low-light situations. Grain, as they say, is to the film photographer while noise is not, to the digital photographer.

Admittedly, the night shoot session turned out rather well for me. With the noise, limited ISO and shutter speed capabilities of the camera, I was quite happy to see how images turned out. And again, with the aid of a few edits in post-processing, I couldn't ask for more.

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Wishing one and all!

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