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Analog Diary, The Genba Kantoku 28WB

Analog Diary, The Genbakantoku 28WB 01
Analog Diary, The Genbakantoku 28WB 02
Analog Diary, The Genbakantoku 28WB 03
Analog Diary, The Genbakantoku 28WB 04
Analog Diary, The Genbakantoku 28WB 05
Analog Diary, The Genbakantoku 28WB 06

Analog Diary, The Genba Kantoku 28WB

'On a round trip on the LRT with the Konica Genba Kantoku (Site Supervisor) 28WB, a ruggedized autofocus AE 35mm film camera for the construction industry'

Looks like I am taking the LRT more often these days, and this is one of them, another round trip downtown on a street shoot with the Konica Genba Kantoku 28WB, a ruggedized 35mm film camera manufactured by Konica somewhere in the late '80s.

Konica Genbakantoku 28WB
Konica produced a range of these cameras then, which includes bodies with 28mm and 35mm fixed focal length, 40mm-60mm switchable dual lens, and a 28-56mm zoom lens.

The series was designed for building construction supervision, it is waterproof (JIS protection grade 7), dust, sand proof, and anti-shock.

The 28WB is fitted with a sealed autofocusing 28mm F3.5 lens constructed of 8 elements in 7 groups, a sure sign that the camera was destined to be a super sharp shooter. Later ECO models, with orange body panels instead of the utilitarian blue or dark green, comes with a +2 EV compensation selector and low consumption flash units.

Using the camera, an autofocus point-and-shoot is fairly straightforward. One thing you have to remember to do on powering up is whether you want the autoflash on auto (default), on, off, set self-timer or infinity focus on. This is done by rotating the selection via the Mode selection button. The setting will be displayed on the LCD panel.

Film loading, film advance, and rewind at end of the roll are automatic. The Genba Kantoku 28WB is powered by a 2CR5 for its motor drive and electronic camera operations, while a date version, which records up to the year 2019 needs an additional CR2025 battery for the calendar operation.

These early images shot with the Genba Kantoku 28WB may not be the best yet, but one thing I am sure is the fact that the 28mm F3.5 is a superb street shooter wide-angle capable of a rich concentration of colors and clarity of details. More soon!

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