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Monday, September 9, 2019

Yashica Minitec AF, A Streetshooter's Delight

Yashica Minitec AF, A Streetshooter's Delight 01
Yashica Minitec AF, A Streetshooter's Delight 02
Yashica Minitec AF, A Streetshooter's Delight 03
Yashica Minitec AF, A Streetshooter's Delight 04
Yashica Minitec AF, A Streetshooter's Delight 05
Film photography favorites, analog diary, image making with a Yashica Minitec AF, fun, point-and-shoot, a street shooter's delight.
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The Yashica Minitec AF, a very affordable 35mm autofocus compact, was fun and easy to use. The camera is fitted with a Tessar-type 32mm F3.5 fixed-focus lens, has auto loading, auto film forward, and rewind with mid-roll rewind and a built-in auto flash. Produced by Kyocera in 1992, the Minitec AF is also shipped as the Yashica Micro Elite AF, and Kyocera P. mini AF.

One of the most endearing aspects about this auto everything 35mm compact is that it just needs a pair of AA batteries to operate, the most plentiful and accessible type of power unit that you can buy on any supermarket shelf. The camera, however, does not come with a battery strength indicator, so changing the battery after a couple of rolls of film or so, is the best advice to heed.

Yashica Minitec AF, Off front
Yashica Minitec AF

Part of the fun of using the camera is a very decent-sized viewfinder, easy and bright enough to see through for image composition. Operation-wise, selection buttons for infinity focus, flash modes, and self-timer settings are arrayed on the top plane of the camera, and these settings are displayed on a small LCD panel located centrally on the full plane.

Yashica Minitec AF, Top view
Yashica Minitec AF

With most of the Yashica Minitec AF operational aspects being done automatically, you might want to remember to keep the infinity focus button pressed for landscape shots. This two-handed operation will turn off the auto-on flash which is quite sensitive to low light ambiances.

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