Monday, September 2, 2019

I Am My Own

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Nokia Asha 300


I Am My Own

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, a lookback, post-processed and converted to black-and-white'

The Nokia Asha 300, a candy-bar feature phone, the year 2011 product, was quite the favorite when I dug it out of storage and used it as a supplementary on my photo walks in late 2018. Small and petite, fun to use, the slimmest and lightest, at only 85 grams.

Slimmest and lightest, at only 85 grams

The JPEG images captured by the 5MP rear camera are always a constant surprise. They are sharp and clear, with good delineation and correct mid-tones. Even images in a low-light situation, taken with the camera's fixed focus lens, at its slowest shutter speed, which I think is no longer than 1/8 second, are equally appealing, exciting, and open to interpretation.

With all the images originally shot in color, the creative here was to see how well these images convert to black and white. I am not fussy at all about special film effects and how to get them done or things as such. I am still a novice in black and white photography and all that I want here was just a set of high contrast prints.

The conversion was done with the Monochrome & Sepia editor on my post-processing app, with a click on the Monochrome selection box, with a filter added and an up slide on the contrast slider. Done!

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