Monday, September 16, 2019

Analog Diary, Endnote

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Canon EOS 700 QD, Sigma Zoom AF 21-35mm F3.5-4.2



'Five frames with the Sigma Zoom AF 21-35mm F3.5~4.2, ending the session with the lens mounted on a Canon EOS 700 QD'

An endnote to a couple of very rewarding sessions with an EF version of the Sigma Zoom AF 21-35mm F3.5~4.2, mounted on the Canon EOS 700QD, with posts on a zoom range shots in the park, scenic landscape shots, a city street-walk before this backdrop session of architectural and urbanscape elements.

Sigma Zoom AF 21-35mm F3.5-4.2

To round up the sessions, in the shortest few words, the Sigma Zoom AF 21-35mm F3.5~4.2 (1985) is a very impressive and capable lens. It is reasonably sharp wide open and very sharp once you stopped down. Set to Landscape Mode (F8 or smaller) in Intelligent Program AE on the EOS 700QD, there is not much more you can fault the lens with.

This AF version is a carryover from the famous and revolutionary MF version first introduced in 1979. Still mainly of metal and glass, and rubber grips, the lens comes with a bigger 72mm front element, as compared to 62mm on the prior. With its size and weight, the Sigma Zoom AF 21-35mm F3.5~4.2 is never the fastest kid on the block though.

Canon EOS 700 QD, Sigma Zoom AF 21-35mm F3.5-4.2

Despite the bulk and weight of the camera and lens combined, which adds up to almost 1.4 kg in weight, the sculptured body of the EOS 700QD helps to keep the camera snug and comfortable in your hand. The fun and ease of carrying or lugging the camera around and using it to shoot at eye-level, at arm's length, or hipster style dispels the notion of weight as a burden.

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