Monday, September 10, 2018

Mobile Photography, Rainy Days

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Nokia Lumia 720

Mobile Photography:

Rainy Days

It is not always good fun to be stuck in the rain, worse still if you are a photographer, as you have to figure out how to keep yourself and your equipment dry. It could be just as bad if you are caught driving in the rain or while waiting to pick someone up. Driving in the city, for example, traffic could be down to a crawl, going bumper to bumper, with no end in sight. Have a camera phone handy? It could be fun, and it can also give a moment or two of relief and enlightenment.

On these rainy days, and where you are at, external lighting will usually be flat, the surrounding mushy, muted and dreary. Water sprays and mist from moving vehicles adds to the misery. Look again, defocus your vision, absorb the environment as a whole, and you may soon realize that the jewel of the composition forming in front of your eyes is the raindrops that are falling on your windscreen...

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