Monday, September 24, 2018

Mobile Photography, Adieu III

Adieu III 01
Adieu III 02
Adieu III 03
Adieu III 04
Nokia Lumia 720


Adieu III

'Four frames with the Nokia Lumia 720, saying Auld Lang Syne to an old and trustworthy friend, Part III'

What I enjoyed most with this low-end / mid-range phone is the high contrast and punchy colors of images as captured by the 6.1MP rear camera. This is helped, undoubtfully, by the Zeiss optics and fast f/1.9 lens. The camera itself is rather a simple fare, it does not have the optical image stabilization of the Lumia 920 or the huge sensor as in the PureView 808, neither does it come with HDR or Panorama shooting modes or creative filters.

The camera served me well, and with its Windows 8 OS, creating a workflow from the camera to my desktop image management system, Olympus Viewer 3 (OV3), for post-processing is equally easy. On OV3 the images were given a minimum of one-two-three tweaks with Auto Tone Correction, Brightness & Contrast, and Unsharp Mask, or more when I was looking for a more creative look for the images. Final print sharpening is normally done on Google NIK Sharpener Pro 3.

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