Monday, September 17, 2018

Mobile Photography, Adieu I

Adieu I 01
Adieu I 02
Adieu I 03
Adieu I 04
Nokia Lumia 720


Adieu I

'Four frames with the Nokia Lumia 720, saying Auld Lang Syne to an old and trustworthy friend, Part I'

This will be Part I of a three-part post where I say adieu to my old and trustworthy Nokia Lumia 720. It has been quite a while since I began using the consumer-grade Nokia Lumia 720, about five years ago, and the phone is now showing severe signs of old age. The battery does not keep its charge for more than a few hours, the screen is cracked and is taped over with a couple of small camera LCD screen protectors.

The Nokia Lumia 720, together with its Windows Phone 8 OS, was arguably the slickest mobile phone system available then and was super-desirable. Though it came with only a decent display (low on the pixels), it does have a very competent 8MP rear camera that makes up for other shortcomings and was good enough for me to enjoy an archive of high-quality images.

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