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Monday, January 15, 2018

Half-Frame Photography, Images on Expired Film

Olympus Pen EF, Images on Expired Film 01
Olympus Pen EF, Images on Expired Film 02
Olympus Pen EF, Images on Expired Film 03
Olympus Pen EF, Images on Expired Film 04
Olympus Pen EF, Images on Expired Film 05
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Olympus Pen EF

#HalfFramePhotography - Five half-frame images with an Olympus Pen EF, black-and-whites on a roll of expired film.

These photos are from an occasion where our small workgroup ended up on a small training project located on a campus site that has been vacated sometimes prior to our arrival. Spaces and buildings were left idle in a state of disrepair, unkempt, and open to the elements.

Olympus Pen EF

These are simple and straightforward head-on shoots, where a point-and-shoot camera like the Olympus Pen EF might be all that you need. Compact and handy, fun, the EF is a very easy camera to work with.

All you need to do is to load the film, set the appropriate film ASA speed, and off you go. Any potentially underexposed image will be blocked by the red pop-up flag system, which you still can overcome with the shutter lock trick.

Olympus Pen EF
The Olympus Pen EF is one of my favorite point-and-shoot cameras (the other one being the Olympus XA 1). I have also done a few posts with the camera prior to this, as well as doing a short write-up on it, and I am sure it will stay as part of my camera collection for quite a while yet. Grab one if you have the chance to own it!

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