Monday, January 29, 2018

Analog Diary, A Single Point of View

A Single Point of View 01
A Single Point of View 02
A Single Point of View 03
A Single Point of View 04
A Single Point of View 05
Olympus XA 1


A Single Point of View

'Five frames with the Olympus XA1, sharp and sweet images from a single point of view'

One of the interesting aspects of street photography is that you do not have to be constantly on the move, but rather the opposite, stay in one place (for the duration of the shoot) and let the world moves around you instead.

Olympus XA1

Stay in just one spot in one location, and you may start to notice things about aren't so obvious as when you are walking past the scene. The world slows down for you and does sometimes come to a complete standstill. You don't actually have to travel to try this either.

What about the camera? As far as I can say, the camera that you have now is just fine. My preferences are, however, for small compact cameras that I can carry around without drawing much attention to it. Do you shoot in digital or analog? I do both, depending on which camera I grabbed on the way out of the door.
Olympus XA1

The XA1, by the way, is my favorite among the XA'a and is the simplest of the XA clan. Most times available at fantastically low prices on the auction market, the camera has a fantastic fixed focus D.Zuiko 35mm f/4 lens, takes only ISO 100 or 400 film, needs no batteries to function, weighs light as a feather, and is compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket.

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