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Monday, January 22, 2018

Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2, Take I

Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2, Take I 01
Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2, Take I 02
Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2, Take I 03
Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2, Take I 04
Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2, Take I 05
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Olympus E-P5, Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2

#VintageLensTest - Five frames with a Nikon Ai-S Nikkor 85mm F2, an excellent choice as a short/medium tele on your cropped sensor, Take I.

When fitted to a 2x crop-sensor Olympus Pen E-P5, a Nikkor 85mm f/2, as done here, the lens has now an effective focal length of 170mm. This fitting advances the lens to that of a medium telephoto lens, and this calls for a different way of handling the lens altogether.

Olympus E-P5, Nikkor Ai-S 85mm F2

A longer focal length means a narrower depth of field, and it can be difficult to get your focusing spot on, where even a slight change in camera position can cause blurriness. You will need to put your camera on a tripod when to go for that super steady shot.

A genre where you can hand-hold this lens/camera combination, with the lens at its widest aperture, and with a shutter speed fast enough to avoid blurring, is in the motorsports arena, something which is always on my mind to try out. While you are there, add the 'panning' technique to your skills, and bring up your photography to another level.

The Ai-spec of the Nikkor 85mm f/2 telephoto lens was introduced in 1977 and continued till the Ai-S version which was introduced in late 1981. There is little difference in specifications for both of these series. Both versions are solidly built, the quality feel is all over, and using the lens is always a delight.

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