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Monday, February 5, 2024

Olympus SP-510UZ, First Impression

Olympus SP-510UZ, First Impression 01
Olympus SP-510UZ, First Impression 02
Olympus SP-510UZ, First Impression 03
Olympus SP-510UZ, First Impression 04
Olympus SP-510UZ, First Impression 05
The CCD Sensor: Low-noise night images with a 7.1MP CCD Olympus SP510UZ, a low-cost option for CCD enthusiasts.
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The Olympus SP510UZ, a 7.1MP CCD digital bridge camera, is another interesting low-cost buy for CCD enthusiasts. The SP510UZ, introduced by Olympus in 2005, comes fitted with a 6.3-63mm Olympus ED lens, and it was the last model of the SP-series (Special Performance) that used the 10x optical zoom lens. The model was later succeeded by the SP550UZ, which has a bigger 18x zoom lens, and the SP-590UZ, which features a larger still 26x optical zoom lens. The camera stores images on xD-Picture cards or its own 21MB of internal memory.

The SP510UZ is powered by a set of 4 x AA batteries, features an EV (electronic viewfinder), a 2.5-inch LCD display, a 10x zoom lens (equivalent to 38-380mm in 35mm photography), and 5x digital zoom in a compact and lightweight plastic body. The camera is also capable of capturing images in RAW format and features Olympus's BrightCapture technology with ISO sensitivity ranging from 50 to 4,000 (though at ISO 2,500 and above the camera's resolution drops to 3 megapixels), and a shutter speed range from 15 to 1/1000 second, and Bulb.

Olympus SP-510UZ
Olympus SP-510UZ

In addition to the range of fully automatic settings that include a suite of 21 beginner-friendly scene modes, the camera offers Aperture and Shutter Priority modes for more advanced photographers. While the camera does not have true hardware-based optical image stabilization, it offers a Digital Image Stabilization mode instead. The system uses a gyro sensor to detect the amount of camera shake and then employs software to select a higher ISO and a faster shutter speed while tweaking sharpening to reduce blur.

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