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Monday, January 29, 2024

Olympus VR-370, Magic Art Filter, People and Places

Creative Arts, Magic Art Filter, People and Places 01
Creative Arts, Magic Art Filter, People and Places 02
Creative Arts, Magic Art Filter, People and Places 03
Creative Arts, Magic Art Filter, People and Places 04
Creative Arts, Magic Art Filter, People and Places 05
Creative Arts: Image making with the Magic Art Filter in Drawing mode on the 14MP CCD Olympus VR-370.
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I was out and about in the city, trying to capture the essence of the city which is ushering in the CNY 2024 spirit. Still, it looks like I ended up in the wrong location at a place that looked staid and stale with its own itinerary of events and the spirit they are celebrating. Sad, as it all seems unreal that, in these days and times of celebrative entrepreneurship, I could still find such a city spot that could not motivate or incentivize itself to the prospect of having strong economic returns by organizing and promoting recurring celebrative events.

I had fun, though, instead of doing another shoot for the 'Re-Living the CCD Sensor' series, going for the special effect Magic Art Filter, in Drawing mode, on the 2013 vintage point-and-shoot Olympus VR-370, a small and compact 16MP CCD travel zoom category camera. The mode represents an image in a line art or line drawing form against a (usually plain) background without gradations in shade or hue, done usually in monochromatic. The location, just as well, was perfect for the people and place watch.

Olympus VR-370
Olympus VR-370

The VR-370, almost the perfect CCD vintage collectible, is a stand-out with its 12.5x optical zoom lens and a 24mm equivalent super wide-angle start that extends out to a 300mm reach. The camera has iAuto, Scene selections, Face Detection, AF Tracking, Magic Art Filters, and Beauty Mode. The camera is also supported by Shadow Adjustment Technology for a more uniform exposure across the image, and by Dual Image Stabilization that combines Sensor-Shift Image Stabilization with high ISO sensitivity to compensate for the image blurring due to camera shake.

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