Monday, April 26, 2021

Mobile Photography, A Morning Walk II

A Morning Walk II 01
A Morning Walk II 02
A Morning Walk II 03
A Morning Walk II 04
A Morning Walk II 05
Nokia Asha 300


A Morning Walk II

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, out on a morning walk experiencing the new vicinity I was in'

Grabbed these shots while I was out on a morning walk recently, around the vicinity of a matured housing development and an overhead LRT station. The idea of the walk was to experience the new environment I was in, while also looking for street stalls with breakfast offerings.

Though the area was near enough to the LRT line which runs along the expressway bounding the development, the area was rather quiet with hardly any movement of people, which could very well be that we are still under pandemic movement restrictions.

Nokia Asha 300

The first image of the lone figure taking the crossing was a lucky shot as I was shooting right into the sun with nothing to control the camera setting, nor my vision as I held the diminutive candy bar phone at arm's length to take the shot.

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