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Monday, November 9, 2020

HMD Nokia 3.1, Down By The Lake

HMD Nokia 3.1, Down By The Lake 01
HMD Nokia 3.1, Down By The Lake 02
HMD Nokia 3.1, Down By The Lake 03
HMD Nokia 3.1, Down By The Lake 04
HMD Nokia 3.1, Down By The Lake 05
HMD Nokia 3.1
Mobile Photography: Image making with an HMD Nokia 3.1, finding a reason to continue, and getting a new lease of interest.
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The pandemic is still with us, the second wave is hitting hard with up to more than a thousand new cases in the past couple of days, with the highest so far at more than a thousand and seven hundred, and the prediction that this surge will continue with infections at this rate or higher for a couple of more weeks before it will begin to flatten out again.

I also did the inevitable today, went looking up the Net to see how other fellow bloggers are doing, and what I found was not too good a sight. Many have been left unattended, some have been so for more than a couple of months, and one with a prominent announcement that it was 'Taking a break for a while...'

With photo walks down to an absolute zero and the image stock scrapping the bottom of the barrel, it could have been the reason for me to do the same. Resilience pays off, however, as I picked up the last gasp of courage to venture out to the nearby park with a lens to test and came back to realize that the least specked mobile that I was using, has an auto-updated camera app, which includes a panorama feature, that seems to be far better than when the camera was first introduced.

As with the first batch of images with the mobile which was posted earlier, and now with this batch of trial images, I might have found a reason to continue, with a new lease of interest.

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