Monday, October 26, 2020

Weeping Willows, HMD Nokia 3.1

HMD Nokia 3.1, Weeping Willows 01
HMD Nokia 3.1, Weeping Willows 02
HMD Nokia 3.1, Weeping Willows 03
HMD Nokia 3.1, Weeping Willows 04
HMD Nokia 3.1, Weeping Willows 05
Nokia 3.1


Weeping Willows, HMD Nokia 3.1

'Images on the go, five frames with the HMD Nokia 3.1, aspiring for a new start with an improved camera app'

I was saddened, actually, at the demise of my favorite candy bar mobile phone, the Nokia Asha 300. The mobile, which was a 2011 release, had a 2.4-inch touch screen, and a 5 MP camera, which served me well with its set of super sharp images which I enjoyed very much. I was using the camera in favor of the current mobile that I am using, the bottom-of-the-line implementation of the new HMD Global Nokia series introduced in 2018.

Improved over time, the camera app that came with the set is now a better performer, with more selective functions, and images that are pretty much sharper and more delineated than when it was first introduced. This is my first re-trial of using the camera after having it lying around redundant for the whole time I was using the phone. Using a mobile phone for daylight shots, just as taking these shots here, is pretty much the art of guesstimate shooting, as you can hardly see anything much on the phone's display screen.

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