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Monday, August 3, 2020

Olympus XA1, Running on Expired

Olympus XA1, Analog Diary, Running on Expired 01
Olympus XA1, Analog Diary, Running on Expired 02
Olympus XA1, Analog Diary, Running on Expired 03
Olympus XA1, Analog Diary, Running on Expired 04
Olympus XA1, Analog Diary, Running on Expired 05
Film photography favorites, analog diary, image making with an Olympus XA1, and a roll of expired Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400.
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The Olympus XA1 35mm film camera, was never in the limelight which shines over the rest of the Olympus XA capsule camera series. The camera, however, is a favorite of mine. It is an easy and fun point-and-shoot, and in this case, especially effective for a quick look around. With no focusing necessary, all it takes is just a deliberate panning action to grab all the images around you.

The XA1, fitted with a D.Zuiko 4-element in 4-groups 35mm F4 lens, has a universal focus range from 1.5 meters to infinity. Fil ISO speeds acceptable are only ISO 100 or 400 film. Exposure is automatic by a built-in selenium meter, and the camera operates on a programmed shutter speed range from F4 at 1/30 second to F22 at 1/250 second.

Olympus XA1
Olympus XA1

When carried without the optional proprietary flash units that can be used across the model range, the XA1 is small enough to slip even into your shirt pocket, and ready the instant you pull the slide cover back (provided you have forwarded the film to its next frame). The shutter release is a simple push-rod button, integrated with a red pop-up flag that locks the shutter when underexposure is detected or the capsule shell is closed.

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