Monday, August 24, 2020

Analog Diary, On A Break

On A Break 01
On A Break 02
On A Break 03
On A Break 04
On A Break 05
Nikon F-301, Nikkor Ai-S 85mm F2


On A Break

'Five frames the Nikkor AI-S 85mm F2, on a break with the Nikon F301'

I am going for a break here, away from film photography, but not for too long though, as the interest is still strong in my heart and in my veins. The reason? The photo lab nearest to my place is closing its doors, and I am not keen enough, at least currently, to create a new travel route to the next nearest lab.

Nikon F-301, Nikkor Ai-S 85mm F2

Taken in a rush, these parting shots were with the Nikon F301 and Nikkor 85mm F2.

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