Monday, October 28, 2019

Street Wide, From the Hip

Street Wide, From the Hip 01
Street Wide, From the Hip 02
Street Wide, From the Hip 03
Street Wide, From the Hip 04
Street Wide, From the Hip 05
Olympus OM-2 SP, Olympus Zuiko OM 21mm F3.5


Street Wide, From the Hip

'Five frames with the Olympus Zuiko OM 21mm F3.5, on a hipster style street shoot with the Olympus OM-2S'

Street photography, the most accessible photography genre, is something you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime, and with whatever camera equipment you have. Though etiquettes may apply, there are no rules either, you are free to shoot whatever you visualize as a collective of events, emotions, or the reality of the space you are in.

Olympus OM-2 SP, Olympus OM Zuiko 21mm F3.5

The main part of the visual is, of course, the context of the image, where the background becomes the backdrop to the event, of activity of the figures you are incorporating into the image. Removing either of the two from the context or the content of the image will just nullify the notion and render the genre ineffective.

One approach I challenged myself to recently is to shoot from the hip while doing the streetwalk, with the camera mounted with an ultra-wide-angle lens on a hyperfocal zone setting. Framing of the images was purely guesstimates. The lens I had on was the Olympus Zuiko OM 21mm F3.5, mounted on an Olympus OM-2S.

As horizontal alignments of hipster-style images taken with the camera away from your eyes are just guesstimates, there is the notion that you might have to lose a bit of the image with tilt adjustment crops during post-processing. I looked at that as an advantage.

Olympus OM-2 SP, Olympus OM Zuiko 21mm F3.5

Physically the all-metal and glass Zuiko 21mm F3.5 is a lightweight and extremely compact lens, acknowledged for its optical quality and ability to capture sharp images with excellent contrast even at full aperture. The lens is a 7-elements in 7-groups construction, it is only 31mm in length and weighs 180/185 grams. A bit of a classic, a rarity, and worth the keep, the lens comes with its own band of dedicated followers.

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