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A Do-it-all 35mm SLR Camera Kit

A Do-it-all 35mm SLR Camera Kit 01
A Do-it-all 35mm SLR Camera Kit 02
A Do-it-all 35mm SLR Camera Kit 03
ADo-it-all 35mm SLR Camera Kit 04
A Do-it-all 35mm SLR Camera Kit 05


A Do-it-all 35mm SLR Camera Kit

'Film photography favorites, five frames with the Pentax MV1 and SMC Pentax-M 40mm F2.8, on a quest for the do-it-all film SLR kit'

A fun and easy-to-use 35mm SLR film camera kit that you want to look at if you starting to look at film photography, is the combination of a Pentax MV1 SLR film camera, and the SMC Pentax-M 40mm F2.8 lens. The camera/lens combination is very compact and equally lightweight, with the 18mm thick lens weighing only 110 grams and a camera body that weighs 425 grams without batteries.

In use, the camera kit is not only well suited to hiking or street shooting, but is equally suitable as a do-it-all general use lens for snapshots, family outings, travel photos, urbanscapes, and architectural images.

The 5-elements in 4-group SMC Pentax-M 40mm F2.8, produced from 1976 to 1984, was the smallest SLR lens that Pentax ever made. A seven-layer SMC coating process that Pentax started using to coat the lens element in 1971 produces images that are sharp and clear and mid-tones contrast that is always pleasing to look at.

The Pentax MV1, an update to the Pentax MV which was launched a year earlier, is an aperture-priority 35mm SLR film camera, was a product from the 1980s. It has a shutter speed range from 1 to 1/1000 second, which is set automatically by the camera, and an  ISO speed range from 32 to 1600.

Pentax MV1, SMC Pentax-M 40mm F2.8

The camera is as good as any to start you off into film photography. It is a well-constructed camera, a smooth operator with a well-damped mirror flap action that produces little if any, camera body shake. The compact and lightweight body is easily available on the auction market, most at very affordable prices, and has been known to be reliable and worth the keep.

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