Monday, August 19, 2019

Analog Diary, A Touch of the Arts

A Touch of the Arts 01
A Touch of the Arts 02
A Touch of the Arts 03
A Touch of the Arts 04
A Touch of the Arts 05
Pentax Espio AF Zoom


A Touch of the Arts

'Five frames with the Pentax Espio AF Zoom, post-processed images salvaged underexposed shots'

I was not aware that the Pentax Espio AF Zoom I was using has a fault with its film frame counter, which reverts itself back to 0 after the frame number reached 17. As I was using this camera intermittently, I wasn't sure when this happened was not sure either whether the reversion was for the film roll as well.

Pentax Espio AF Zoom

If the reversion was for the film roll as well, then I would still have a full roll of 36 exposures to shoot with, otherwise, it will just be the leftover 18 frames or so, and this would mean that that the first 17 or so images will be double exposed while the rest will be single shots.

That was the situation I was in. To salvage the situation, I took the decision to sequence off the frames with underexposed shots around the space I was in, hoping that if the frames were double exposures, I would probably end up with at least a couple of interesting images.

Half-expectedly, the Espio AF went into auto rewind after the last frame on the film roll was shot, with the film frame counter was showing that I was only halfway through the roll. It was clear then that only the film frame counter was resetting itself, while the rest of the camera is fully functional.

Pentax Espio AF Zoom

The images from that part of the roll were mostly underexposed. However, I managed to salvage a string of shots that turned out well enough when enhanced through the post-processor to give me these art-touched images, a job well done.

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