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Monday, March 11, 2019

Fuji Work Record OP, A City Street Walk

Fuji Work Record OP, A City Street Walk 01
Fuji Work Record OP, A City Street Walk 02
Fuji Work Record OP, A City Street Walk 03
Fuji Work Record OP, A City Street Walk 04
Fuji Work Record OP, A City Street Walk 05
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Fuji Work Record OP

#AnalogDiary - Film photography favorites, five frames with a Fuji Work Record OP, on a city street walk.

The Fuji Work Record OP, a ruggedly handsome autofocus camera with a pair of bull bars flanking a wide-angle 28mm F3.5 lens which is further protected by a 4mm thick coated optical glass, has an enormous viewfinder that lets you see all, and a ruggedized and water-resistant design that lets you capture images underwater up to the depth of 1 meter.

Fuji Work Record OP
Available as a pair of siblings, the Work Record OP, with blue button trim, is targeted more towards the rough and tough outdoor leisure and recreational activities. The Work Record 28, with orange button trim, is the construction or site supervision-orientated camera.

Technical aspects of both are similar, including the Fujinon 28mm F3.5 lens, shutter speed range from 1/5 to 1/250 seconds, DX-coded film ISO range from 50 to 1600, and power from a pair of CR123A Lithium batteries. The Work Record OP, in addition, has panorama and quartz date features, and a manual focusing mode which can be pre-set to 1, 1.5, 3 meters, and infinity focus.

Fuji Work Record OP

The best thing about the Work Record OP is its simple and straightforward operation - just power it on, set the mode selection to the setting you want to shoot with, point, and shoot. Exposure and film winding are automatic, autofocusing is just as quiet, and the large design shutter release button lets you shoot even with gloves on.

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