Monday, March 25, 2019

Analog Diary, In Half-Frame Mode

In Half-Frame Mode 01
In Half-Frame Mode 02
In Half-Frame Mode 03
In Half-Frame Mode 04
In Half-Frame Mode 05
Canon Autoboy Tele 6


In Half-Frame Mode 

'Five frames with the Canon Autoboy Tele 6, in half-frame singles, diptych, and a triptych'

The 35mm AF Canon Autoboy Tele 6 is a camera of sorts actually. It does only come with a twin 35mm F3.5 60mm F5.6 lens, but the camera was also designed to take images in both full and half-frame modes as well.

Canon Autoboy Tele 6

While the lens switchover from 35mm to 60mm can be done anytime during a shoot, the selection of either going for full or half-frame is a per film roll setup. The lever for the full/half-frame selection is located on the top left corner of the film run in the film box.

This means that you have to set the selector before the film is loaded, and the reverse can only be done after the film roll has been completely exposed and wound back into its canister.

The other oddity which I find rather amusing is the self-retracting lens mechanism of the Autoboy Tele 6 which pops the lens out of the camera body as you are taking the shot and retracts it back as the shot is taken.

Canon Autoboy Tele 6

As the photographer, you might think nothing of it, but as a spectator curious about your photography interest, the curiosity might turn into a wry smile and a giggle.

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