Monday, March 5, 2018

Digital Moments, Scary Cat

Scary Cat 01
Scary Cat 02
Scary Cat 03
Scary Cat 04
Scary Cat 05
Olympus E-P5, Minolta MD 28mm f/2.8


Scary Cat

'Five frames with the Minolta MD 28mm F2.8, an ominous evening and a scary cat on the roof of the porch'

I was out and about on the front porch looking for the opportunity of grabbing a few test shots of the glorious sunset with the Minolta MD 28mm F2.8 attached to the E-P5 when I glanced back over my shoulder and caught the sight of one of our neighbor's cat perched on the edge of the mansard.

Minolta MD 28mm f/2.8, View

Looking rather stiff and scared, almost immobile, with ears pointed, the cat was actually fixated on the unfolding scene of the sunset which is happening on the rooftop of the houses across the street. I took the opportunity of grabbing these few shots as well, with images that may be at the expense of the excellence of the lens in terms of its sharpness, but not in contrast.

An MD 28mm F2.8, the Rokkor version, is generally said to be one of the best from Minolta, close to the excellence of the MC W.Rokkor-SI 28mm F2.5 and the MD Rokkor 28mm F2.

Olympus E-P5, Minolta MD 28mm f/2.8

Built of plastic and glass, with a metal mount, and weighing in at about 190gram, the MD 28mm F2.8 is a lightweight and compact beauty. It fits well with the ergonomics of the E-P5, does not make the camera any much heavier, and handling is effortless.

The focal length equivalent of the MD 28mm on the E-P5 is 56mm, almost equivalent to a standard nifty-fifty on a full-frame SLR.

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