Monday, July 31, 2017

Scenes At The Car Wash

Scenes At The Car Wash 01
Scenes At The Car Wash 02
Mobile Photography, Scenes At The Car Wash 03
Scenes At The Car Wash 04
Scenes At The Car Wash 05
Scenes At The Car Wash 06
Nokia Lumia 720

Mobile Photography:

Scenes At The Car Wash

'Five (+1) frames with the Nokia Lumia 720, at the carwash, captured from inside the car'

A little bit of fun here, images of a scene at the carwash, captured on my almost obsolete smartphone. The images were taken from the driver's seat of the car I was driving with the camera held steady atop the steering wheel.

Nokia Lumia 720

They are slightly wider and taller than the images displayed here, which have been cropped to eliminate image edge, and top and bottom distractions to a more panoramic view when compared to the original 16:9 image aspect ratios.

While good at wide-angle vistas, landscapes and on occasions close range still life, portrait, and group shots, I do find that the 26mm. focal length equivalent lens of my smartphone is always slightly wider than I would like it to be, making cropping a certainty in many of the shots.

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