Monday, January 30, 2017

Olympus XA1, Shooting Hipster Style

Olympus XA1, Shooting Hipster Style 01
Olympus XA1, Shooting Hipster Style 02
Olympus XA1, Shooting Hipster Style 03
Olympus XA1, Shooting Hipster Style 04
Olympus XA1, Shooting Hipster Style 05
Olympus XA 1


Olympus XA1, Shooting Hipster Style

'Film photography favorites, five frames with the Olympus XA1, fun hipster style point-and-shoot in the park'

With the XAI, which comes with a fixed focus F4 lens, you do not have to worry about focusing as everything is sharp focus beyond 1.5 meters.

Olympus XA1

Along with the minuscule size of the viewfinder, which I sometimes fret about, I find it better to compose the right mix of form and space, light and shadows with the naked eye, rather than by looking through the viewfinder.

At the same time, hold the camera steady preferably with both hands at your waist level, move it along to follow the scene you are looking at visually, and press the shutter release the instant you think you hit the right angle of view. It is all guesstimate, but you will get the hang of it, soon enough.

This is the technique I use. The views you capture are from a lower point of view, tend to look wider with better perspective lines. The style will also save you from having to go down on your knees as well.

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