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Fujifilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, 6MP CCD All-Weather

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital
Digital Camera Review: A look back at the likable Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, a 6MP CCD ruggedized all-weather digital camera from 2007.

One of the most likable cameras I acquired recently, for a retro digital review on the 'Re-Living the CCD Sensor' series, is the Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, a 6MP CCD ruggedized all-weather digital camera built for the construction and engineering industry. Available initially only for the Japanese domestic market, the Big Job range was later introduced to Europe in 2007. The camera's functionalities were reminiscent of the equally ruggedized all-weather Fuji Work Record 35mm film camera series, which was in production from 1993 to 2006.

The camera, a rather plain and boxy brickbat, comes with a 3x wide-angle Fujinon 4.7-14.1 (28-84mm equivalent) lens, has a shutter speed range from 2 to 1/2000 second, a 3-inch LCD with reinforced glass coating, hotshoe, ISO 1600 capability, and a body that is water, shock and dustproof. Operation of the autoexposure camera is made simple with easy access buttons, with mode dial, and menu systems that are accessible even for users with gloves.

FujiFilm FinePix BigJob HD-3W, Fuji Work Record OP

On its own, the BigJob HD-3W is also accredited with two world firsts, a Detection Manipulation feature that highlights any tampering to images after the photo has been taken (via viewer software on a computer), and a CALS mode that shoots images at 1MP, for attaching and distribution via email. The camera is also programmed with a Shot Date function, making it functionally useful for monitoring and reporting work progress, insurance, and forensic applications.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W

Back to the enthusiast photographer realm, the 28-84mm equivalent lens and the ruggedized body of the BigJob HD-3W are equally suitable for the rough and tough outdoors, making it a potentially robust and well-liked pickup for other outdoor professionals as well adventure adventure-orientated activities, and just as well, for general photography.

Basic Camera Features

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, Front

Externally, the BigJob HD-3W is a rather plain rectangular brickbat, with the front plane populated with lens mount lined up almost to the right edge of the camera, encased behind a red-lined rubberized cowling with a flash port on its upper section, A Red LED indicator, and a microphone port lines up vertically to the left of it, and on the far left (as seen from the front), the slightly bulged out cylindrical battery chamber/hand grip.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, Top

From the top, in line with the lens mount housing is the hot shoe, and to the right, the Mode Dial, the Red Power On/Off button, and forward to it, the Shutter Release. The Mode Dial is configured for Auto (the BigJob HD-3W does not have PASM modes), Manual (where you can manually adjust the ISO and Exposure Compensation), Scene Position (with selection for Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night, and Text), Movie, and CALS.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, Back

On the back of the camera is the 3-inch LCD screen, located to the left of the body, and to its right, a vertical arrangement of the Zoom Rocker, Playback, the Cursor Button jockey, and Display / Back buttons. On the center of the Cursor Button jockey is the Menu / OK button.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, Bottom

The bottom plane of the BigJob HD-3W carries only the Tripod Socket and the Battery Chamber / XD Card slot cover, with a press-the-button and slide-outward sequence to release the latch lack. The camera requires 2x AA batteries to power its functions.

An AV/Out and a DC In 3V ports are located under a secure flap on the left shoulder of the camera (looking from the back).

First Take

The camera got off to a flying start once I had a set of 2x AA batteries, and an XD memory card installed, and was functioning well enough for me to grab a few initial test shots, which is instant gratification for my like of the camera even before I started using it.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 01
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 02
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 03

Having no access to any form of the instruction manual, however, means that I am using the camera blind, relying only on what I already know about how compact digital camera operates, and the range of functions and settings normally associated with their use.

Film Emulation Modes

A 3-item Film Emulation Mode is listed as the last item of the 1+ page Shooting Menu options of the BigJob. The settings are for a choice between Standard, F-Chrome, and F-B&W, with the 2 later items listed and displayed on the LCD as film roll icons.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 04
Standard Emulation Mode
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 05
F-Chrome Emulation Mode
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 06
F-B&W Emulation Mode

I did a test run with the options and the images are as displayed above, cropped to 16:9. Interesting, as I do believe that these images will add to the valuation of the camera.

Shooting Modes

Exposure modes selectable from the Mode Dial of the BigJob HD-3W are, as far as I can ascertain (without the help of the instruction manual):

  • CALS - The option for shooting 1MP images for easy e-mail transfer.
  • Auto (Red Camera Icon) - The main autoexposure shooting mode, ISO speed is Auto.
  • Manual (M with Camera Icon) - Mode where you adjust the ISO speed (Auto, 1600, 800, 400, 100, and 64) and Exposure Compensation setting.
  • SP (Scene Position) - Options for you to shoot in Portrait, Landscape, Sport, Night, and Text.
  • Movie (Movie Camera Icon) - Put the camera in movie standby mode.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 07
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 08
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 09
An early morning session in AutoMode.

Joystick Cursor

The Joystick Cursor, located on the back of the camera, is UAE to access the following camera function and setting mode:

  • Top - The top cursor activates a lamp icon which increases exposure compensation by one stop (?). In Display mode, the cursor activates the image delete option.
  • Right - The right cursor cycles the Flash mode selection between 10M flash distance, External Flash, Auto, Red Eue Reduction, Forced Flash, and Suppressed Flash settings. In Display mode, the cursor activates image rotation to the right.
  • Left - The left cursor activates the camera Macro distance setting - Macro, 2.5M, 5.0 M, and Off. In Display mode, the cursor activates image rotation to the left.
  • Bottom - The bottom cursor activates the date and time record function - With Date and Time, WIth Date (Without Time), and Without Date. The cursor is inactive in Display mode.
  • Center Button - The center Menu/OK button activates the Shooting Menu selection, and in Display mode, the button activates the Playback menu selection.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 10
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 11
Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, An All-Weather CCD Digital 12
A quick close-up session in the garden, with the lens set to Macro Mode.

The camera is powered by a pair of AA batteries, weighs 440 grams (with batteries) on my kitchen scale, and requires the use of an XD card for image storage.

Fujifilm BigJob HD-3W, View

Images, as you see from the posts here, are par excellence, worth their weight for a camera that is easily available at the lower end of the price spectrum on the auction market. It will not cost you an arm or leg, and it is tough and ready for the outdoors and other recreational activities you may have planned. Strictly for the CCD enthusiast.

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