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Monday, January 16, 2023

Olympus VR-330, Night Scene Zoom-In

Olympus VR-330, Night Scene Zoom-In 01
Olympus VR-330, Night Scene Zoom-In 02
Olympus VR-330, Night Scene Zoom-In 03
Olympus VR-330, Night Scene Zoom-In 04
Olympus VR-330, Night Scene Zoom-In 05
The CCD Sensor: Zooming in on a night scene in Program Auto mode with the 14MP CCD Olympus VR-330.
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Another session with the Olympus VR-330, one of a pair of super compact VR-series cameras launched by Olympus in 2011. The VR-330 is fitted, among others, with a 14MP CCD sensor, a 24-300mm equivalent zoom lens, dual image stabilization, 720p HD movie capture, a 3-inch LCD screen, 1cm super macro mode, Olympus Magic Filters, auto-focus tracking, and Intelligent Auto Mode. The camera is also particularly light and small, making it one of the handiest options within the super compact digital camera category.

The camera is designed to be a simple point-and-shoot. All you have to do is switch it on, zoom in to the desired image frame, and press the shutter. The Menu System, selectable from the LCD display, lists Program Auto, iAuto (Intelligent Auto), Scene, Magic, Panorama, and 3D as selectable or intelligent options, each with their own selection of subset variables and available as pew-sets. The iAuto (Intelligent Auto) mode, for example, switches itself to the iAuto Macro or Super Mode depending on the subject distance.

Olympus VR-330
Olympus VR-330

For the Night Scene Zoom In images here, I tried the camera both with the Night Scene and Program Auto mode settings and took two identical sets of images. The selection, however, goes to the selection captured with the Program Auto setting, where the images, though more subdued, are more likely to the scene itself. Images shot with the Night Scene mode are slightly overblown and washed out.

Looking forward to more images next, on the CCD sensor of course!

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