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Monday, January 30, 2023

Tamron SP 90mm 1:2.5 52BB Macro, Handheld

Vintage Lens Test - Five frames, handheld image test with a Tamron SP 90mm 1:2.5 52BB Macro, very impressive results.
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It was very exciting, and I was totally elated when the lens came in. Didn't waste any time either as I got the lens unpacked and mounted on the Olympus E-PM2, and was out of the door grabbing these first few shots at where ever the camera was pointed to. With a focal length equivalent to a 180mm telephoto lens on a full-frame camera, the lens needs more than just a steady pair of hands when shooting handheld. I pursued regardless and got away with these few images for the trial.

The Tamron SP 90mm 1:2.5, a "cult classic" macro lens, a favorite with many users, came with a great reputation for color rendering and excellent chromatic aberration correction. The lens does suffer a little from flare, so a lens-hood is recommended, where available. The first all-metal version of this lens was replaced by the 52BB, with a redesigned barrel with a bayonet fitting for a hood. An autofocus version 52E is also available.

Olympus E-PM2, Tamron SP 90mm 1:2.5 52BB Macro
Olympus E-PM2, Tamron SP 90mm 1:2.5 52BB Macro

Here's hoping for more images with this lens soon!

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