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Monday, January 17, 2022

Five Frames, Mobile Photography, A New Night

Images on the Go, A New Night 01
Images on the Go, A New Night 02
Images on the Go, A New Night 03
Images on the Go, A New Night 04
Images on the Go, A New Night 05
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HMD Nokia 3.1

#MobilePhotography - Five frames with a HMD Nokia 3.1, a new night, and a respite from the weather.

While it could just be a respite from the weather as the monsoon is still with us, it has been a while since we had the last bright and sunny day, with clear and almost cloudless nights. Today was a nice change, bright and sunny, lovely twilight, but it looks like to hold only for another day or so.

HMD Nokia 3.1

I was out planning for a time-lapse video shoot of the full moon, which will be in a couple of days and decided just a well on the few shots of the twilight of a new night.

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