Monday, February 3, 2020

Mobile Photography: Up, Down, and About

Up, Down, and About 01
Up, Down, and About 02
Up, Down, and About 03
Up, Down, and About 04
Up, Down, and About 05
Nokia Asha 300


Up, Down, and About

'Five frames with the Nokia Asha 300, looking up, down, and about on a short street walk'

It was at a location recently and was standing almost on one spot, after a short street walk, when I took these snapshots of the bright blue sky, the sunlight breaking through the almost menacing rain clouds, the structural facades of the building under construction, and an almost accidental shot of the numbered parking lots I was standing on.

Nokia Asha 300

Shooting from a single location is a way to work the scene thoroughly. The more you spend the time the more you will notice new interesting details that you would have missed when you are just walking or passing through. You might be amazed how differently the site looked when viewed from different angles, or when the sun is hidden, things are seen with a tinge of the dark.

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